A magnificent driven pheasant and partridge shoot has been developed utilizing the natural topography, native and planted woodlands, game crops and moorland.

Partridge Shooting
Seven dedicated partridge drives provide the guns with driven birds of the highest quality from early September. A day's driven shooting is offered on a traditional basis with all the trappings of best Scottish hospitality and an expected bag of 200 birds for eight guns.

Pheasant Shooting
The choice of twelve challenging pheasant drives dispersed throughout the Estate provide the guns with high birds of the finest quality. Our days are again sold on a traditional basis with an expected bag of 200 birds for eight guns.

The Estate management, keeper and staff strive to provide you with a memorable day and this is reflected in the year on year repeat bookings the Estate enjoys. Dornells shoot lunches on all driven days are served in the magnificent South facing conservatory of Dornells House, a charming small mansion dating from the 18th Century, overlooking the garden and Dornells Loch.

Rough Shooting
A day's rough shooting on Dornells Estate gives the guns the opportunity to truly appreciate the diversity of habitats on the estate and the wealth of flora, fauna and game these habitats support. You can expect to shoot pheasant, red leg partridges, woodcock, snipe, teal, mallard, widgeon, pintail, woodpigeon and even a greylag goose! The guns should be of reasonable fitness due to the nature of the terrain they will walk in the course of a day's shooting.

You are welcome to bring your own dogs as long as they are trained. We run specific dog training days for parties of guns / handlers wishing to prepare their dogs for field trials. Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Woodcock Shooting
Dornells Estate offers woodcock shooting during the winter months of November, December and January organized around the full moon. Woodcock are the ultimate sporting birds and a flushed woodcock raises the heartbeat of even the most experienced shot. Woodcock arrive in Scotland every year from their breeding grounds in Scandinavia, Finland and Russia due to our mild climate and habitat.

At Dornells we have created habitats ideally suited to this majestic bird which are rested specifically for our woodcock days to give the guns the maximum opportunity of getting a shot at this elusive bird. We have developed a network of rides in the woodland to afford the guns every opportunity of a safe shot. As a result we only offer three days back to back woodcock shooting per month. This type of shooting of wild birds has no guarantees, except that you will have a wonderful days sport full of expectation in a beautiful setting, hence there is a minimum charge per day based upon eight guns. The guns should be of reasonable fitness due to the nature of the terrain we will walk in the course of a days shooting.

Duck Shooting
A charming feature of Dornells is the many Lochs and ponds which are situated within and along the estates boundaries, this affords us with superb duck flighting especially as our Eastern boundary is formed by loch Ken. All of our duck flighting is on carefully managed ponds as the ducks are truly wild, ensuring you of a memorable evening's sport. You never know what will come to the pond, Mallard, teal, widgeon, pintail or a goose... why not finish a day's shooting on Dornells with a duck flight to remember.

All bookings are subject to our Booking Conditions.